What To Do With A Step Brother..

I was seven.. my Mother marries a man I hated.. but he had a son my age who would visit summers and holidays. When I first met the son we both looked at each other.. He whispers that he knew a secret and ran to the barn. I followed but he was hiding .. somewhere. I could hear him jerring me on. I yelled out, "I'm not into this and I'm leaving." Just as I was about to leave he showed his self near a bail of hay, with his pants down and a raging hard on. Needless to say that got my attention.
I walked over and he asked to see mine. By that time I had a raging hard on. He led me around the hay stack and pulled my pants down. I laid on my back in the straw.. just seemed natural at the time.. (I know now why..) He climbed on my arkward fat body... His **** had a double head and his first rub put my ****'s head in the cleft of his doulble headed ****. It fit like a glove.
In those days we couldn't come. It seemed like an endless chase and we didn't even know what we were chasing. At the age of 12 he was given the choice who to live with and he chose us.
I remember the first time I came. I matured faster then most boys my age.. At 12 I was shaving.  I was 10 and by the end of summer while my step brother was humping away on my ****, I shot my first load. We both were so dumb that we actually thought  I broke something. lolol
I couldn't trust the little bastard.. he always told on me to get me in trouble.. always laughed at me with others at school.. Then at 16 yrs of age he shot a big load on my hairy chest.. rolled over in the moon light.. reached over and said into my ear..."We can't do this any more.. we are men now.." That's when I knew I was gay.. but that's another story.
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Looks as if my own story

First frott for me was with 11yo friend of mine when I was 12. He wanted to lay on top of me nude when we were alone in my bedroom. I let him. He began to hump away on me. Ididn't know what he was doing but enjoyed it. It resulted in my first ever ****** with another person. It is a continual **** memory for me. I'm now 40

Well, consider......were I always profound, I'd be writing for a living, and hopefully have no time for a site like this. Alas, I have plenty of time. The reason I commented was because I could relate to the erotism of it, at the time. You sounded annoyed. Your little story was no great feat, either. You like ****. I like *****. So what?

In a small town no kid wants to admit he's gay.. you just keep hoping that it will change one day till one day , like my experience, something is said that you know isn't true.. it was never about ***** for me....<br />
yes you have no point... for sure >;0)

That is strange sounding. Did'nt you know before? When I was a kid, me and a few of my friends used to rub our dicks together. It was a lot of fun. But after that, it was all about *****, and has been since, at least 40 years later. Sometimes I still jack off thinking about some of my little buddies and almost feel as if I am a *********. Really though, they and I were cool with it, and walked away.<br />
I have no point.