A Crowded Bus In Guatemala

I enjoy frottage in crowded situations. I like the intimacy of it, and I am fascinated by how many people cooperate. I'm gay, so my only interest is frottage with other men. I do not push myself on these men. If someone pulls away or shows any form of disgust, I move on. What is interesting is the number of men who cooperate--far more than would be gay. My estimate is 75%-80%. The only way I can explain it is that people must have a yearning to be close and to touch. Given a non-threatening frottage situation in a crowd where both parties are dressed, most men seem to be ready to be intimate with each other. I've had many experiences. I'll write about what happened today. Then later I will post other experiences.

I caught a bus this morning from Rio Dulce to Flores in Guatemala. The bus was a continuing one that was already full by the time it got to Rio Dulce. They put my suitcase in a rear compartment of the bus, and I climbed inside. As usual in such situations, I looked to find men with seats against the aisle who I found attractive. I pushed myself back so that I was beside a Guatemalan man I would guess to be in his early 30s. Others crowded all around, a perfect situation for frottage to occur.

When I travel, I wear nylon travel pants that are thin and dry quickly. I do not wear underwear. That means that in a frottage situation someone who is against my crotch knows what he is feeling--can sense the heat through the fabric and can feel the outline of my private parts almost as if there was no fabric there at all. Imagine or test how well you can feel something through thin nylon.

As the bus started, I let my private parts bump against the arm of the man beside me. He didn't move, which was a good sign. I was cautious at first making it seem like an accident each time due to bumpy roads or starts. I always remain cautious until I get an indication that the man is okay with the situation. It took about 45 minutes of this man just passively letting me bump him before he became engaged, the sign that he likes it and wants it. Eventually, he shifted his elbow out on the arm rest so that it rested against my left leg with my private parts nestled on the side of the arm. From that point onward, I knew I could be more aggressive. I let myself "grow" somewhat and flexed it so he could feel it. He never changed his position. He did reach down and rearrange himself in his tight jeans. As time passed, he occasionally made other moves. He talked on his mobile phone which gave him a chance to let the inside crook of his elbow to hold and jostle my private parts. Twice, he crossed his arms so that his right elbow was just at the level to push against me constantly providing a form of ************. Unfortunately, both times, his hand on that side of me was tucked under his arm instead of over it which would have given him direct contact. However, a third time, he still kept his hand tucked under his arm but at a higher level than before and extended further out. My private parts were resting directly on his thumb and forefinger except for the thin fabric between them. I was disappointed, however, that he never moved his thumb or finger to fondle me. By that time, he should have been comfortable doing that.

After about two hours, the man sitting in the window seat got up and left the bus. The man from the aisle moved to the inside seat, and a friend of his who had been standing beside me took the outside seat. What an interesting experience. I could see that he was curious to observe his friend to see how he would react to me. He did this subtly. And his friend proved to be even faster at recognizing what was happening and becoming actively involved. He immediately seemed to like to have the back of his arm resting against the inside of my leg as my private parts rested against the side of his arm and bumped against it as we hit rough patches or had rough starts. He would put pressure against my leg to let me know that he was involved. His friend in the seat next to him saw that this was happening without making it obvious.

This second man was better at flexing his arm to provide changes to jiggle my parts. He would talk on his phone, stretch his arm, open a paper occasionally to look at something, etc. He, too crossed his arms. He was a shorter man, however, so it wasn't possible for him to touch me with the hand that was under his arm. Instead, he started scratching and rubbing his arm raising his hand up under the outside of his short sleeve. When I realized this was happening, I adjusted my stand so that my body was lowered. That made the movements of his fingers under his sleeve jostle my private parts. As I started to grow, I flexed so he could feel that growth and the movement against his fingers. He accepted it with no negative reaction.

With both men, there was one more aspect to all of this that had nothing to do with frottage, but was a part of what I consider the desire or need for physical closeness between people. At times I would rest my hand on the headrest of their seat. In both cases, the men eventually let their heads turn so that that their ears and the sides of their faces were caressing my hand. With the first one, I was a bit bold and moved my thumb so that it rubbed across his skin a few times. He had to be aware of it, and he allowed it with no negative reaction. The second would let his head incline toward me occasionally to the point that it would briefly rest against my belly with my private parts just within inches of his mouth/chin.

If anyone else has similar experiences, I would enjoy hearing about them. And I would like to hear others' reactions to whether they believe I am right about even straight men feeling the need for physical closeness with other men as long as they won't get "caught" and as long as clothing is there to make it seem okay. In my next post, I will refer to some of the times when I have had frottage experiences with men whose girl friends/wives were standing right beside them at the time.

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2 Responses May 12, 2011

I agree. This is true of my own experiences. I wrote one that went further than I expected but don't know how to link it here.

Interesting story! I wonder, in the US where people are less comfortable with touch, would this go over as easily. Wish I had the guts to try. Keep the stories coming!