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I ws unfamiliar with the term frottage until recently. But it is something I've always enjoyed. When in my teens, some friends & I would rub our cxcks togther and enjoy the stimulation. We never rubbed to oxgasm, but got very close at times.

My most favorite experiences with a particular woman named Sandra. She knew I was, well, different. I was bi- at best, had a developing interest in wearing women's clothing and, really, had a difficult time with woman. I liked women & did alright until time of penetration when I would either c-m too quickly or simply lose my hardness. It was frustrating for her & humiliating for me.

Sandra & I shared many outside interests. We developed a keen friendship, a sense of trust & came to appreciate each other's company. When she realized my problems, she tried everything in the world to assist me...I'll always remember her fondly as a loving person & whoever she married got an angel for life. Anyhow, I was great at giving her oral sex which she absolutely loved & enjoyed. She would usually mastxxbate me while talking real dirty to me which she knew excited me.

One night, I told her how much her legs turned me on. She had a great set, shapely & soft. I loved rubbing them with my hands & fingers. One thing led to another & before I knew it, I was rubbing myself against her leg. She started talking wild & naughty & before long I squirted big time. It amazed each of us & we began doing it on a regular basis. My favorite though was one evening when she sat down & had me drop to my knees and rub myself against her calf...just like a little puppy dog. OMG, she talked so dirty to me & the sheer humiliation sent me over the edge.

Alas, things finally broke apart for us and it was my own failings sexually that did it. Still, I'll always remember fxcking those killer legs & being humiliated so perfectly.
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Quite an unusualstory. I had one frotting experience while in the navy when as a drunkin sailor went to bed with a guy and with me on top and of course he on the bottom our ***** met as they lay on his stomach. We rubbed together for a while and wouldn't you know it we got all hot and bothered and both came at the same time. Awsome experience. We just stayed to gether for a while enjoing the feel of our *** all over our midsection. I feelit was not the best way to do something but it did have its own brand of sensualness.