Thong Swimwear Frot

I like to thong with other men in thongs and rub our thong encased penises together and kiss until we both ********* thru our thongs all over each others thonged bulges.
thongjock thongjock
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11 Responses Jan 3, 2013

frottage is so hot.

Love the sound of that. Particularly love to spill a load in my swimsuit but rubbing off against each other must be even better.

I really have to try that !!!!!

Oh God!! That's hot!!

Very erotic - thanks for sharing. I love your profile photo by the way!

mmmmm yummy

It's really hot when both of us are wearing push-out bulge thongs like Joe Snyder

Love rubbing speedo bulges together! Yes, best sex ever is rubbing speedo encased penises together and kiss till we both *** through suits. AWESOME!

I love doing this in speedos!

I love seeing hot bulges rub together... I love feeling it too.

I LOVE this post! I am a gay man into the same exact fetish! LOVE to frot in spandex gear of all sorts . . . thongs, speedos, g strings, singlets, etc. Please post more!