My Frot Memories

I guess it's time to tell my story. Been ******* and teasing my **** while reading everyone else's; it's good to know I'm not alone in these hot memories and fantasies.

I'm straight, as in -love women-, love the shape and sight, have a great wife... but something about a hard ****... and the only time I've ever experienced any type of gay sex was when I was a teenager. I'm so ready to try it again.

It was summer and I was 12 or 13. I had recently discovered ************ to ****** though i was horny little guy all my life.

A friend of mine and I had been swimming all day and then later we were playing in my room. We were staring at an airplane I had hanging from a wire on the ceiling that was flying around. Laying under it was a trippy visual. Somehow, we started horsing around a little and ended up with me pushing him up over me with my legs against his chest, so that I was doing leg lifts with him, pushing him up, away from me and then down close. We were laughing because it was so goofy.

Then, the last time he came down close to me, I spread my feet to both sides and he plopped down right on top of me. We laughed and the feeling of our bodies laughing against each other made us laugh even harder. But it also felt good in a sexy way, our crotches against each other. We stopped laughing and I slowly put my hands on his butt and caressed it slightly. He said he liked massages and I was, 'oh yeah'? and caressed him more firmly.

I really slowly started to move him up and down on top of me slightly with my hands. It was getting my **** so hard and I was hoping he wouldn't want to stop. He made no effort to stop me and with his head next to mine, face in the pillow, I could feel him breathing against me, kinda hard. He then whispered, "do you want to communicate?"
I didn't know what he meant but I felt his hands go down to our pants. He was wearing shorts, though I was wearing cargo pants. I looked down and he was unzipping his fly. I did the same and then he pulled his stiff **** out. It was the first time I saw it. It was slightly smaller and paler than mine, but really hard, the head a deep red. He pushed his **** through my fly and I felt it against my underwear. Really hot! I mean, the heat of his ****.

He lay his weight down on me again and I wrapped my legs around his. God it felt good.
We didn't say anything, and even though we were obviously doing something sexual, we were being really coy about it.
Finally, I worked up my courage and said, "my pants are uncomfortable."
He pushed up and I readjusted my pants... by unzipping them.
"just pull them down", he said. I did so and he did the same with his shorts, leaving us in our underwear.
we again lay against each other, but now, the feeling of bare legs and was also feeling good. We pushed our shirts up and lay skin on skin. I just remember how warm his body felt. it was really good.

I rocked back and forth slowly and then, as I did, I adjusted my underwear so that my stiff **** peeped from the left leg and directly touched his leg. GOD -- MY **** WAS AGAINST HIS SKIN.
He started to do the same and then we finally decided to go for it. He slid his underwear down and so do did I.

I'll never forget his bare body hovering over me, that stiff **** arching up and touching his belly, below his belly button. He breathed deeply, almost like saying, "TIMBER" and relaxed his arms, bringing his body down on mine, his **** against mine.

His body was warm, but his **** was hot, like really hot. To say it was the best feeling I'd had until that point is an understatement. It felt so sexy and... wrong. But I didn't care.
we started rocking against each other slowly. We didn't grind hard, didn't grunt... nothing like that.
Nervous, up and down. My hands were on his bare butt, helping to move him up and down.
I don't think I lasted more than a minute and felt that feeling coming. that feeling I had just discovered.
"it's happening soon." I whispered.
I felt him take a slight breath.. like he was uncertain what to do about that news.
I gripped his butt a little tighter. I didn't want him to get up but I also didn't want to force him or scare him. As I gripped his butt, I felt his **** twitch. and then twitch again.
A split second later, mine started to twitch and twitch.

I tightened my legs around his more, tightening the frog-leg grip on him. We started moving a bit quicker as our ***** pulsed.
We held onto each other tightly until our ***** stopped twitching. Suddenly, I felt super guilty about it and I think he did too. We pushed up and looked at my stomach. There was ***, but not much. We were young.
Though I felt guilty for a bit, teenage horniness took over again several more times and our code that summer became, "Do you want to communicate?" Always followed by a quick, dry mouthed nod.

The moment he'd lower himself onto me, feeling the heat of his **** and balls as they pressed against mine, that twitching sensation as I came, as he came... was only ever matched by the day I lost my virginity to a girl a couple years later.

Amazing memories and having only had hetero sex ever since, I've been thinking about how much I'd like to try it again.

So, let me know if you're interested in it... nothing crazy... Because I'm ready.
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love the story never gets old

Wow! Cool story! ! Nice and inocent

Wow, I used to rub on my friend all the time, especially during sleepovers. We'd make huge mess between us with the sticky fluid. Nothing felt better than him shooting it on my stomach. We'd moan and called it rubbin. Did it as much as we could naked, briefs or panties

I have wanted to try this for many years. Wish you were close...

Hi, I want to try it with you! Where are you?

los angeles

me too i jerked while reading this...i want this too i cummed

That story made me very hard. Nice job!

I jerked reading ur story...omg awesum..

I am soooooo ready myself for my first time. I constantly fantasizing. As I ride my Bike, the vibration has been making me hard as I think about it sliding in and out of my mouth and swallowing the load. I am in Virginia Beach and not sure how to find someone who has been wanting it as well and is discreet. I am married and would not want my wife to find out about my secret desires.

My ex wives loved the fact that I wanted this too...and they encouraged and set me up...watched me play...lots of fun

Hot story...incredible experience....

Very similar to my early teen years, play, hard c-ck then ecstasy. Wonderful to feel the stiff penis and warm balls rolling together, Later I found I could do it myself. i was lying naked on the carpet paging through a book which had some nudes in it. The sexiness made me move a little and the co-k felt unbelievably good. I kept up the rhythm a little more, very slowly, and in the end I could see the knob of my **** sticking out from under me at the side and watched it bloat up and pour the cream in big globs. I would like to try it again, maybe in the groove of somebody's buttocks, sliding gently up and down....

Try doing it on a get the image that it's another ****...then when you *** it gets so slippery

I rubbed on my pillow, bed, floor all the time when alone, always with wonderful results and still do.

Do you want to try with my c**k?

i would love to try it again

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I had the same experience when I was young....about 9 or 10 years old. Me and my freind were wrestling when suddenly I felt our little ****** hard and up againt each other through our jeans. He then asked me if I wanted " to mate". I got off of him and removed my pants and lay back on the sofa. He had also dropped his pants. I remember looking down between us as he layed his ****** against mine. We humped and rubbed them together for a long time. I think we were too young to actually ***, but it was still good. Sometimes I jack off thinking about it.

Great story
One of the things about frot memories when younger they are much much better when you are older
You are focused on both *****. When I do it with someone, we load up with baby oil and we slide, my **** down between his legs, touching his balls and we switch.
We end up coming on each other - nothing better!

So true...lubed up and slow, light grind...anticipation builds up and you let go...being so naughty and letting go...getting hard right now!