14 Yrs Old First Experience With Another

My friend and me were at that age when the wing blew, you would get a hard on.
One day after school, we were hanging out in his room laying on the bed watching tv. I fell asleep. I woke up feeling something very large and warm against my back side. At first I figured it was his arm or leg. After thinking about it for s few moments, I shifted a little and he responded by moving with me.
It was then that I discovered it was his hard **** against my but. I had all my clothes on, but could still his massive member pressing lightly against me. I was so intrigued by it. I was very nervous and kept pretending to be asleep. I rolled over on my back eventually. By this time I was as hard as a rock thinking about that giant warm **** against me. I wanted so bad to touch it.
To my surprise he layed it up against the side of my hand. Slowly over the next few minutes, I began to get little touches and feels, while still pretending to be asleep. Over the next several minutes I undid my pants to release my swollen ****. I turned around to face him. I couldn't stand it anymore. I pushed my **** against his. It felt so warm and wonderful. We grinded a few times and all I could thing about was milking our ***** in unison. I put my hand around his and mine, and stroked them until he started spurting enormous amounts of ***. It showered my **** and I was soon to follow. It was the most wonderful feeling.
That was many years ago. We never said anything about that experience. Imbed away z few years after it. I still think about it, and fantasize that maybe one day I could do it again.
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I'm sorry you haven't been able to repeat the experience with any other guy since then. I too had similar childhood experiences (though we did a lot more than you did). But I managed to explore my ever-continuing fantasies in adulthood, though it took until my late 30s to start. Though I continue to have a lot of fantasies about anal penetration (I'm still a top & bottom anal virgin) and have immensely enjoyed a particular couple of oral encounters so far, I still think frotting is the sexiest thing two men can do together. Good luck with your own self-exploration.

Super hot! Makes you smile when you think about it years later.