My First Frottage Experience

Frottage is wonderful, clean and safe. I was 13 and in the Boy Scouts. This other guy from another troop had a lot of nervous and aggressive energy about him. He always wanted to tackle me. So during a camp trip, our troop met up with his troop for some competition things to when badges. I walked further off into the woods after everything was over. Before I knew it, this guy had snuck up after me and tackled me. But, he held me differently this time. He was panting heavily and had that hungry look in his eye. I pushed him up against a tree and we started grinding on each other. Of course one thing led to another and the pants dropped and out two ***** were swing back and forth pendulums. So, I grabbed his and pressed it up against mine and began gently squeezing and stroking at the same time. We ended up on the ground face to face. He was almost sitting on top of me. But his balls were pressing up against mine. We would take turns squeezing and stroking each others ***** together our balls banging against each other in perfect rhythm. We came together and then held each other for quite a good while afterwards. Never saw him again after that. But that was cool. I never imagined that male bonding of this kind carried over into adult life and to all walks of life even. But, men seem to be reintroducing themselves to simplistic pleasures as this. And pleasure is all that it is. It is not an indictment of anything else
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Thanks for sharing your experiences. My best friend and I put our penises together on a couple of occasions. Lying side by side, we took turns pressing them together with one hand and rubbing the frenulums back and forth against the other.
For some reason this seemed more 'gay' than our usual play and is why we didn't do it often. What we usually did was one of us would give the other a body massage. I'd sit on his butt and rub his back, then scoot lower to rub his glutes and legs. After he rolled over, I'd repeat the process.
This process took about 40 minutes. To finish, I'd massage his penis, kneading it and stroking it until he ********** on his stomach and all over my hand.
I'd clean him up with some kleenex while he caught his breath. Then we'd switch places, culminating a little over a half hour later with me panting, globs of ***** in my belly button and running down his knuckles.
I'm not sure why this seemed any different than the other activity. We'd do it at least twice every sleepover, and sometimes two or three times that.

I would really like to try this....

More and more men, both gay and straight are allowing themselves this pleasure because there is a very manly distinction to it. I believe the movement is called warriors.<br />
I know in scouts I had the same experience with more than one boy. We did not go off in the woods, but shared tents and with just 2 of us at night it was a great way to relieve all the built up energy from a day of fresh air and sunshine.

A wonderful thing!