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This past Christmas season, I had a chance to get together with some old school buds and their families. The host has a brother about 3 years younger. We began to converse and reminisce. The further we got through the kitchen, I began to think he's trying to get me out into the garage. And he did. He asked me if I remembered some of the things we used to do when his brother wasn't around. I said yes. Just then, he leaned in very close to my body and pressed his hard ****** up against mine. He said he wanted to feel that way again at least now in middle age. Given the situation, we couldn't competely get on down. So, he pulls his penis through the opening of his "leather" trousers and leaned into me. I did the same. SO, we were there crossing swords and his breathing became heavy once I pressed the back of my penis to the back of his creating friction, The nerve endings at the tips of both of penises where really making contact. He pressed further in and we began to kiss. Our penises were perfectly aligned which was good. When we both came together, it didn't make a big mess in his brothers garage. We were smashed together afterwards for awhile to make sure nothing ended up on the floor as not to tip anybody off. He went back to his town and now keeps in touch. He wants to be prepared the next time he comes to town that we have a proper venue so we won't get caught by the family who might wander in. I left the party in a cloud. It was just that damn good!
built4comfort built4comfort
51-55, M
Apr 1, 2013