Frisky Business

About ten years after high school, I ran into one of my old buddies at a hotel in Chicago. I was there for a weekend party and he was there on a business trip. He saw me in the lobby and yelled out to me and ran up to me and just jumped all over me with hugs. He was one of the guys that I would "jokingly" horse around with in the locker room. After a little chat, we decided to go the bar for a couple of drinks to continue catching up. Of course, we started talking about our escapades in the old locker room. I noticed that his eyes started beaming the more and more we laughed and talked about it.

He invited me back to his room to continue our trip down memory lane. So, when we got to the room, I sat down on the couch. He said he was going to change out his suit and get more comfortable. He'd been in it all day. He took off his suit coat and tie then turned on the radio. As he took off his pants to change into some shorts he had laying on the bed, what comes on the radio but Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll. My buddy went into full Tom Cruise character and started singing and dancing around. I was lying down on the couch laughing like crazy. Well, like the scene from the movie, he jumps on the couch over me just shaking his booty and gyrating. He looked down at me with that devious smile of his.
He started to lower himself down. His middle ended up on top of my middle. He unzipped my pants and pulled them down just past my knees. We both still had our underwear on. He laid on top of me and became a mean grinding machine. He started to perspire a little and I remembered how sweet his skin and hair would smell when he'd get mildly sweaty.

Well, the next song on the radio was "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. He pulled his underwear completely off at this point. Then he pulled mine off. Now the song was "Relax". But he got so carried away, he turned into John Bonham playing the "Moby ****" drum solo all over my shoulders and chest. **** on **** action. Our ***** would slide to a certain area together and it felt like a slight electrical jolt whenever those two areas would meet. I guess our frenulums were making contact. I didn't give it too much thought at the time.

A few minutes before we climaxed, he took both our ***** and started banging them together like sticks. Then he rubbed them together for a minute or so, then resumed grinding. I wrapped both my ankles around the back of his knees. One thing we used to do when we played around was rub noses. So, he pushed his nose up against mine and with a gentle kiss, joy fluid just oozed out of each us together. We saturated that couch. We laid there together for about an hour or better. We took our last shower together, like we did in high school. But, this time we held each other pretty much the whole time in the shower. We've stayed in touch over the years. He now lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and kids.

My buddy made a Tom Cruise fan for sure! I think i'll watch "Risky Business" this weekend and call my buddy during the dance scene. Haha!
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What an incredibly beautiful bromance story, two old highschool friends coming together a little later in life and being able to give each other such sweet pleasure and a little intimacy. I understand exactly what you mean when you describe that electricity two guys feel when their ***** come together in a certain way, **** on beautiful ****. And what a sweet shower you shared together afterwards. It's such a comforting story. Thanks for sharing.