Wrestling With Friend

My friend were both 16 and were playing a video game and after I beat him at it, he jumped on top of me, trying to wrestle me to the ground. After a few minutes of us both fighting to get on top, our crotches came together and we both instantly felt each other's bulges pressing together. Without saying anything, we both kept "wrestling" while we were really just trying to get friction between our crotches, which we were both concentrating on keeping together. After a few more minutes we were both sweating and he suggested we take our shirts off to cool off, but keep wrestling. Once we did that we only hot hotter and hornier, wrapping our arms around each other loving the feeling of our sweaty bare skin contact. Every now and then our hard nipples would brush together, getting us more as more horny. Soon enough we had only our boxers in, and we were back and forth as to who was in top, pinning the others's arms down as we humped our bulges together more and more. When the tips of our ***** slipped out of the leg of our boxers and began rubbing against each other's legs, we both pushed our underwear down and pushed our rock hard naked ***** together. He had one arm around my neck and the other grabbing my butt, pulling me against him while I was on top. When he was on top I wrapped my legs around his and thruster up into him, holding onto his butt with both hands. We did this for about 20 minutes and then both came at the same time against each other. As soon as we were hard again, we started it again. We did this for hours, later doing it in the pool, during the night if we ever stayed at each other's house. It never got old. Hottest thing ever.
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5 Responses May 21, 2013

Omg, I'm soooo jealous! Never tried it before. Can't wait to!

Ohh god soo hot... i just remember my childhood.. wish we cud meet and do like this for months in one go...

I think i may write my own story about some of my frottage as a teen. But your story is just like I remember it. Starting out on some ruse, then slowly removing fist shoes and shirts, and then the skin to skin making it hotter and hotter until we took off our shorts or pants (in my day all the boys wore white briefs). At some point the sweat and heat were such that your hard ***** just HAD to be released, and very soon after, our full loads would explode. I ran with a lot of jock boys, school athletes, so believe me we had very full loads...LOL. One of the great things about frot was that for some reason none of us ever felt it was gay, just a good way to bond and relieve tension with each other.

Had a similar experience as a teen and it was totally a fantasy come true. The ****** was so intense and pleasurable. To this day, I love frottage best. Love to talk with and meet other guys who prefer frot as their primary sex.

Where r u frm.. thought we cud hook up..

I did the same thing as a teen and it kinda happened in a similar way. So hot and feels soooo good.