Part one: Smoking surprise

I was sitting in the kitchen reading a book when my mother came inside and offered me to smoke a joint a with her. After awhile my friends called me to go outside for a walk so I tucked her (mother) and locked the door behind me. While we were walking I saw my childhood friend Chris walking through park.
"Hey Ryan! Man, haven't seen you in a long time"- he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
"Um yeah. So how are you Chris?"
"Great! Wait, are you high hahaha?"-he patted my head.
"It was just a jazz cigarette, nothing more."
"Okay haha, see you later Ryan."

We sat on a bench and Marry grabbed some white wine from her bag. The situation was pretty awkward and when we started to talk about university it became even worse. As we were sitting in a silence, we heard a voice: "Hey Ryan, can you come here please?"

I walked towards other bench and saw Chris and some guy talking. "Hey, is something wrong?"
"No man haha, I wanted to ask you if you want to sit here for a while and share a spliff with us?" -he gave me his joint.
It felt great. Two of us, mature boys, totally different from what we were: prettier, taller, smarter, mature and more connected then we ever were. I pissed off my friends so they left but that was also an opportunity for me to stay longer with Chris. "Dude I have to go home, I have work tomorrow! It was nice meeting you Ryan, see you later guys."-said the guy sitting next to Chris. We were alone.
"Are you sleepy?"
"No, are you?"
"Nope, lets go to my place. We can smoke another one there and you can stay for a night if you want." - he smiled
"Okay. Thank you Chris"

We came to his room, it was beautiful. Minimalistic and peaceful. Everything was in a perfect order except a weird poster of a blonde pornstar.
"So Ryan you got a girlfriend?"-he saw me looking at that poster.
"No, no I don't."-I didn't want him to know that I like men.
"Its the same with me, I'm single now but I feel great! Here, have some."-we smoked again.

Time passed and we sat in silence smoking, staring at each other like idiots. I asked him if I can turn on some music and I laid down. "Great choice! " - He laid next to me. Suddenly, it became unbearable: the hot air, our legs and hands touching, I felt like I'm going to jump from a window if that feeling doesn't stop. "Want a shot?" - he was staring at me.
"Um sure."
He sat on my hips and placed his hand on my chin. "Open your mouth"
As I opened them he came so close to my face that I could barely breathe. Slowly, he blew hot smoke from his mouth into mine and when I exhaled it we stared at each other. "So... " - he smiled. "What?"
"Chris you're not making any sense."
In that moment I found myself laying on his bed with my arms above my head, I was held by him like I was a criminal. "Chris?"
He kissed me.

Part two: silence < innocence

We kissed passionately touching each part of our body. It was like dancing, he was rough, pushing me against the bed, holding my hands so tightly that I got bruises and I was stroking his back and his cheeks, slowly kissing his neck and playing with his hair. We took our shirts and pants off and now, I was on top of him. I started rubbing my **** against his, he spanked my butt with one hand and pulled me up with another. I licked him from his happy trail to his chin, ending it with a kiss while rubbing harder and harder. It didn't last long, and I was pretty shocked, but he came. We didn't say anything and we continued since his **** was still pretty hard. I can't really describe the feeling of ****** while you are on drugs but it was absolutely perfect. After a while I came too and laid on top of him still feeling our bodies burning. "Um Chris, I should go." "No, why? You can stay here."-he squeezed my butt. "Um I have to go I promised my mom I'll be back soon." -I lied.
"Okay okay, see you on friday maybe?"

When we cleaned ourselves up he followed me to the front door and kissed me. "See ya on friday"- he bit my lip.
"Good night Chris."

Walking home I decided that I won't go out on friday but that feeling that we shared in his room was absolutely unforgettable .
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Nice experience! I felt a lot like you did, at first. Feeling that I 'should go home" because what I was doing in some ways seemed bad. But I was in my early 20s then.

this is my favorite form of sex also...ive tried it many time before...i hope i could find one frottage partner.

Nice story, similar to what happened to me coming out and smoking a joint!

I wish I had this chance............ nerver had

he is lucky .. bro