Around The Back

We had met online and discussed our mutual love of other people's ***** as well as our own. I met at his place and we immediately removed our clothes.

It was evident he was bigger than me. I have learned not to be intimidated as i grow to a respectible 6". l recently started trimming my pubes really close and shave my balls completely. While I am approaching 60 my ballsack is still small and clues to my body.

He is a litter older with a 7" ****. He doesn't trim and has droopy balls. We approach each other and stroke. In no time we are hard and we lie down and play with each other.

He wants to suck me and I return the favor. Since neither of us want come in our mouth we go to our favorite activity - Frottage.

He gets on me and we rub for awhile, feels good, we are very hard. I get on top of him and offer some baby oil to enhance the rubbing.

I take my **** and stick it under his balls - he loves this.

He says he wants to *** on my *** by rubbing his **** on it - not in it. Apply more oil and away we go. He comes and wipes me off.

My turn, I start on his *** cheeks but need him to roll over, I like nothing better than well oiled **** rubbing together.

It takes awhile but I get that magic tingle and *** on our stomachs. I rest on him for a bit, we clean up and talk about our next time.

Two days after I repeat the ride the rear with oil and turn over to *** on our stomachs. This time was different, it was with my wife!

dwight47 dwight47
61-65, M
Aug 16, 2013