Frottage - A Regular Thing

We met online. He was a nice man, a few years older than my 62 years. He was gay and I am a deep in the closet married man.

The first time we met at his house. We talked and went up to his bedroom. He knew I was not into kissing or anal.

We got undressed and we played with each others *****. I laid down on his bed and he proceeded to suck me -not to completion - while his **** dangled between his legs. I played with him and then he rolled off and said I know you like frottage, lets give it a try.

We lubed and then rubbed and ground our ***** together until we came. It was great. I left and we said we would meet again.

One week later we repeated the same thing except before we went to frottage I sucked him - not to completion. I noticed that this time he had shaved his pubes so we matched.

We then lubed and ground until we came

We have a regular playtime once a week. This is great - sex with my wife and Frottage with my friend
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3 Responses Nov 9, 2013

Good for you guys, so nice to have someone you have confidence with and trust. I wish you good luck.

I'd love to find a connection like that.

I love frottage add me on skype tyrowe_2008