First Frottage With Another Man

The experience was sublime,....ecstatic,...taking my breath away. Soft gentle fem men attract me. Simple soft touching...the eyes too.

Where I live it is very difficult to find such men. But search I must.

touchmetwice touchmetwice
51-55, M
19 Responses Dec 12, 2009

I wanna frot

R there any such guy in india??

Love being with a hairy man that love to frot **** 2 **** chest 2 chest rubbing, thrusting taking our time until we shoot then hold each other until we go again. Anyone in New Westminster, BC that is into frottage?

Hi, is there anybody in Wash,St. ??????

I've known the most rugged of men be just as soft and gentle during this experience. So, don't judge the books by the covers. This is a pleasure that doesn't require the element of dominance or submission. Just the respect of the two players involved.

I find this very interesting, and would love to find a playmate. So far, no such luck.

Id like to find a playmate to.

I've never had that experience. I have searched to find a person to try it with, but to no avail. Still I remain hopeful, and open to the idea.

What state you in?

I love frottage with another man. There's no hotter sex than being completely naked with another guy under the 1200ct sheets, working up a slippery sweat towards our single purpose. It's surprisingly easy to mutually ****** when face to face, belly to belly, **** to ****, in a furious embrace and never ending kiss. I love to feel his muscles contracting in his back, and his beautifully round *** as he nears his goal. Our hands explore every inch of each other's bodies. I would stay in his strong arms forever if I could. At least my bedroom still smells like him.....

Thank for the Hardon.

Rubbing against another boy I reached my first ***. We were 11 years old and it was amazing though at the time, after the ecstasy had passed, I thought I'd damaged myself and went home with a very obvious wet patch to investigate. Luckily I was fine, just sticky. hehehhe

Frottage is wonderful, first did it at age 12 with a best friend, I loved rubbing against him till we came.

i would love to try frottage, but i wouldnt know how to go about finding a partner. i would also like to try other lite things....

I wonder why it is so hard to find frot partner.

I'm also craving to try this experience....where are you? Message me and I'll see what I can do....

Can you help me to??? Im in Aberdeen,Wash.

what is it about soft femme gentle gus that attract you so much and want to frot them? (:

I love to do frottage with another man who also wears thick tight corduroy. I get so hot from the start and I love to shoot my load in my own cords.

touchmetwice -I find frottage is the most sublime sexual experience, and I'm probably the type of feminine, nature-loving type of guy who'd get on with you. But I don't know where you are, and can't make you a friend because of your privacy settings. But send me a message if you like.

making me leak bad! :P

sounds wonderful, I'm leaking at the thought of it :)

I would like to try this with a guy around my age (mid 40's) I would love to find a guy that in into lingerie and hose so we could rub together.

Me too I like to rub my **** against another guys I found out recently I liked to do it with macho men, I dont like too much the feminine type I like the rough big type instead, wow.

if you yerself are fit, masculine and grownup ...

i think we could really get into this scene

... i'm horny for a masculine dude that likes bone2bone manplay

- rip