Denoument Of Pedition

Strolling down with the blast smells of raw fish and exotic spices of the open air market I noticed there was a fruit stall. There was melons and lots of them. I despotically grinned and made my mouth lean to a 45 degree angle. I happened to have a mini portable radio in my pocket and in the other, a baby sized fckern lemon with a mini bottle sprayer with water in it. I turned on the radio up high playing salsa music 'mi ritmo'. The confused customers were wondering where the source of music was coming from. Contemplating and standing there I take the attack. I start destroying the fruit stall using every single means and yearning to do so. Lunging with my elbow I hit a melon right on the side, splattering it juices and matter everywhere. Then I hit another then another. The shop owner tries to cease me but I continue.

It quite humorous when someone is chasing you and then playing lively salsa music in the background. I am too quick for him and he calls over the authorities. One of the security comes over with a large man in a blue shirt saying "Stop", I said "No". He looked butt hurt but what can you do?

I destroyed the whole store just using my feaking elbow and in the end I draw out the baby lemon to the owner of the stall and spray it with my mini bottle sprayer. I said "here you go from enduring this loss". As soon as I handed him in this so called "baby lemon" the police were behind me and I was incarcerated for at least 5 months.

Now ask yourself "What the fukc did I just read"
Condescendinglemon Condescendinglemon
22-25, M
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