I Am One Of The Full Figured Women....

Well, I am one of the full figured women  and I accepted and love  it much....
When I  was a teenager i was so thin I never thought that I will be one of this women because no one in the family is full figured they are all small size women, until I reached my mid twenties  I  suffered from depression and it started to add  some weight at first its nothing but my friends saw the changes of adding lbs  from time  to time... till i can't control it... And now  I am having problem loosing weight .
 That;s why I accepted and Love what my new figure..

skittlesberry123 skittlesberry123
41-45, F
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Nice story. We are all far lovelier when we accept ourselves.
Please add.

Thank you skittlesberry123 for your post.<br />
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I am greatly turned on by a fully figured woman, and would gladly be your slave, especially so if you were to sit on me whilst having your meals, watching TV, or reading a book.<br />
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You would be my Goddess, I would worship the very ground you walk on, in fact I would just love to be the ground you walk on