Big Girl

It was about 1pm about a year ago at the Home Depot. She was leaving, and I was waiting at the hot dog stand. Then I saw her. I got to visually follow her progress across the lot apron to where she disappeared into the rows of cars. So mostly, I saw her from behind. An amazing example of the ample in the female gender. Graceful, beautifully proportioned, yet of near-amazon stature. Long, glistening raven hair. Black high heels, fashion legwear and a body hugging/enhancing skirt and top. Carrying a shiny black purse too.

It was impossible not to watch her, and I wasn't the only one.

She was like the exemplary BBW on TV, only better. Most of them are sort of common, cartoonish, kind of humorous. She was not. I took her very seriously. I would like to guess her height and weight, but I wouldn't want to offend. Every inch, and every ample pound, was arranged in a pattern of curvaceous lovliness.

This is in way of an appreciation. In the unlikely event that I ever see her again, I will make a point of taking my hat off. If I'm not wearing a hat, I will pantomime its removal.

What a true, uncompromised beauty. If she sees this, I hope this gives her a feeling of warmth and added confidence in her attractiveness, and her power.
Orlana Orlana
56-60, T
Dec 8, 2012