Pizza Pockets

I absolutely love the Pizza Pockets commercial that was airing in 1993-94 ( I was living in Canada then), where a group of teenagers was sitting in a small car, and the guy on the front seat beside the driver wants to take a bite out of his pizza pocket and the other guys beg him not to do it. And he finally takes the bite and the thing explodes covering everything in the car with the pizza stuffing! Its hilarious! So many years've passed and I still laugh remembering it :))
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Thanks for your comment dweit4. I totally agree with you regarding the problem of processed foods. And thats exactly why I barely drink any sodas or buy any processed foods. <br />
I cook myself and am pretty good at it :)

These commercials / products changed more than you know.<br />
This was along the same time that Satellite TV became common in the far north, and the natives who began to see these commercials, began asking the local store keepers for them.. They like them so much processed foods (loaded with sugars) began replacing much of their local high protein/long chain fats diet. The problem is, their bodies were not ready for amount of the sugars found in processed foods, and today are causing many of the health issues among the FN (Glucose/ Fructose and alcohol are very dealt very similar in their livers and ours). <br />
Processed foods were and still are, the most damaging item to our health on our menu.<br />
So the next time you sit down to enjoy a Pizza Pop and a Coke.. Read the ingredients “high fructose corn syrup” or “Fructose/glucose” in Canada (its hidden behind several names) are overloading your liver as much as a binge drinker doing shooters of whisky.<br />

Yeah....that's pretty sad.<br />
<br />
But hey, who cares anyway? It was a great commercial!<br />
Buy, buy.