The Funniest Commercial Ever

In my humble opinion

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4 Responses Oct 10, 2011

Awwww ... darn, that copyright infringement group takes away all the good ones :#( ... I wonder if mine are still there ...
ETrade Baby R:
ETrade Baby PG:

Thanks for doing the ole ... okay you infringement group take that move ... finally did see it & its HILARIOUS!!! No wonder he's such a calm ref LOL :D

Oh, I just want to hug him! =( He must be miserable, if anyone tried to take his Bud, he'd probably go off the deep end. :s

Awwww...poor guy.

i miss the humor in it~it made cry for him~only could imagine his pain~then again he could have had a bud to help him maitain~may be i need to watch it again