Some of the best come from the super bowl. I do enjoy those for progressive insurance. Flo is amaze balls! I got the meat sweats.
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i dont watch tv much but i like some of the stuff on you tube

Budweiser ones are great too during the superbowl. ..or the ones from Geico insurance! !just thinking about it makes me smile..

One of older faves: Doritos, guy show to pick up mom for a date. Kid slaps the **** out of the guy. Keep your hand off my Doritos, keep your hands off my mama.

Still giggling just to think of it.

meat sweats? ! Ok try to stay calm help is on the way. You'll reconize then they have butterfly nets and they'll be dressed in white. They want to help. ok? You know I'm kidding and that one commercial, I guys she's with extended family she plays every role in it. Some times playing charades or around the dinner table.That seams a difficult thing to pull off. He'll now that I'm talking about her I'm getting the sweats. HELP YEEEAIII

Awesome stuff