Is This Really A Male Dominated World?

Men can't take all the blame..

FreshBeginning FreshBeginning
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2 Responses Oct 27, 2011

lmao.... this just proves they dominate in every culture! *hides her feminists club free t-shirt and runs*

HAHAHAHAH! Ohhh your funny B! Be careful before they catch on to you.. or us *looks side to side*

Beautiful! Maybe we truly are male dominated in this world<br />
<br />
I'm male and always wanted female to rise and become the more dominant one for the change! This world has been far too male dominant and look where it has placed us(not so sure what would a female dominant society be, but i think its fair for their turn to rule, no?)<br />
<br />
Woman for me all the way, sometimes i get so swayed by their beauty that i start hailing them as a goddess of some sort :P

hahaha! Thats sweet of you. But, I think this photo really makes you think about who are the ones controlling the outlook of women. Is it women themselves? Maybe we are the ones saying what we should wear to attract men? Just some thoughts.