A Hike In The Woods, With A Young Boy In Tow.

Big Basin is California's largest and oldest state park with groves of magnificent ancient redwood trees and beautiful waterfalls. One of the longer hikes is to Berry Creek Falls. There is a viewing platform there where many people stop for lunch.
One Saturday afternoon, after a long hike to the falls, I stopped for lunch. A rather conservative and polite young woman and her six year old son sat down next to me for lunch. The woman handed her son a sandwich to eat. He said defiantly "I don't wanna sandwich". She said "It is your favorite "peanut butter and jelly". He replied "I don't wanna sandwich". She told him it was a long hike back and he would need some food. He replied "I don't wanna sandwich".
She was losing an argument to a six year old boy and I was tired of listening to the argument.
I then told her that she was dealing with a 6 year old boy and that she was never a six year old boy, but I was many years ago. You have to tell him that it is a worm sandwich and he will eat it.
She replied "I was never a six year old boy, and furthermore, I would NEVER feed my son a worm sandwich".
I told her "You know that, I know that, but you are talking to a young boy, just tell him the sandwich is full of worms and he will eat it right away".
With a bit of impatience, I told her to just go ahead and tell him it is a worm sandwich or I will tell him.
She whispered to her son hesitantly "It is a worm sandwich".
He replied, defiantly "It is NOT a worm sandwich".
That was enough, so I told him, authoritatively, that the sandwich was full of wiggly, squiggly, slimy worms.
His eyes lit up. He cautiously opened the peanut butter and jelly sandwich to inspect for worms.
He said "There are no worms in this sandwich!, I can prove it.". He took a bite of the sandwich and reported that it did not taste like worms.
I told him that it really was full of worms.
The kid ate the sandwich in three minutes.
With the sandwich gone, the woman looked at me with a bit of surprise, I just told her that little boys are just different from girls so you just need to speak their language sometimes.

zzzonker zzzonker
26-30, M
Jun 27, 2010