Funny Moment With Kids?, Share Your Story,this Is Mine With My Son

At the time my Son was aged 7,

after explaining to my son not to answer the door while mummy has a shower,approx 5 or so mins later,my son is yelling out to me

'mum a lady want's a RED CHILL PILL,(MUM)-what,what lady,(SON)-the lady at the door,(MUM)-I told you not to answer the door, what lady,oh my god,what does she want is she still there,(SON)-no she's gone,(MUM)-what, she asked you for a RED CHILL PILL?,(S0N)-that's what she said,she gave me a card with her name on it i put it on the table, well i tried very hard not to laugh out loud when i discovered that the card with the name on it was from/for the RED SHIELD APPEAL. LOL...

torna torna
41-45, F
Jan 16, 2012