The Student And The Teacher

This was posted on another site in a comment from a guy sharing an experience from his childhood. I laughed when I read it and wanted to share it here.


I had an old school literature teacher (taught from '68 to '02) who caught me snoozin' in class once. His method was priceless. In the middle of a lecture, I was distracted by something outside so he saw me staring out the window and I heard him say, "Mr. Sanchez, can you repeat the last sentence of my lecture, please?" and of course, I couldn't. Then he looked around and the entire class laughed. He said remember to discipline yourself enough to listen to a lecture. If not, don't come to class. When I asked my friend what I missed, without keeping a straight face he said "and to my right is the window gazer, hopelessly anticipating that flying pig he was promised."
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May 4, 2012