Parenting 101 Tip #1

When your child has been screaming at you for hours out of a day and methodically driving you up the wall and round the bend, there is one thing to do. This might shock you, but really, it's ok.

Indulge your urge whatever it may be, if you feel like throwing them out a window, then do, if you want to put them in the deep freezer to "chill out" for a bit, then do, if you feel like slapping a few stamps on it's backside and shipping it to a 3rd world country (no return address), then do. Basically, what I am trying to say here is, you're only human and you can only take so much, so throw away the guilt and the child along with it if you deem it necessary, make yourself another cold bevie sit back and in the words of Depeche Mode, Enjoy the Silence!

(Foot note: This article is purely for entertainment purposes and certainly not to be taken as actual advice. What I type about in this section is purely for my own venting purposes and to spread a smile to other parents having a rough time. If you start to seriously consider doing any of the above than, please for the love of sanity phone "Lifeline" or some similar organisation, you need help. It's normal to think of these things in rough times but not to act on them or start actually planning them. Thank you.)
Butterflyshoes Butterflyshoes
22-25, F
Jul 25, 2012