English Class

Way back when I was in high school during an English class our nervous teacher who was new was reading from the text and she read the word "Champagne" as "Cham -pag -ne" :)
The whole class roared with laughter and we were unmanageable for the remainder of the class.

Miss those days...
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1 Response Sep 3, 2012

Reading this reminds me of something similar that happened to me when I was in 7th grade English, which I still remember like yesterday.

At home, my Father would always mispronounce things on purpose. All my life, all I ever heard was my Dad say bo-log-na when it should have been pronouncing baloney.

So in 7th grade English the teacher was having various students read out loud several paragraphs of a book that the class was reading.

So it was my turn, and I think she considered me a very good student, and so she said "OK, go ahead Bruce, read from here to there". So I started reading confidently and a sentence came along that had the word bologna in it, and I never saw it coming. I simply read the sentence and pronounced the word as bo-log-na and kept reading. The ENTIRE class erupted with laughter, and even my teacher was enjoying it. ALL because of my Dad.c