Gordy The Gardener

Gordy Good Guy was what people called him. He was well liked in our little town, known by most of the people who lived in Moronsville. He was active outside most of the time. He lived with his girlfriend, Marge. She told me this story which actually happened to her.

Gordy was a gardener. He loved to plant vegetables all around the house. Instead of flowers you would see green peppers or squash in his flower beds. Once, he took big and beautiful plastic fruit and stuck them amongst the real tomatoes growing in his curb side bed. Way bigger than anyone elses at that time of the year. So it was a friend who appreciated his humor that brought some of their prize winning vegetables over to brag.
Someone who knew Gordy gave him a few cucumbers from their garden. Not normal cucumbers but huge gigantic cukes, a foot long and as big around as the hitting end of a baseball bat. But Gordy wasn't home when they stopped over so Marge set them on the kitchen counter. The visiter left and Marge went in to take a shower. She and Gordy were going out for dinner. As she stood in the bathroom, naked, about to step in to the tub, she remembered the cukes she had left on the table. In this heat, they really needed to be in the refridgerater. So, still naked she dashed to the kitchen and grabbed the huge cucumber in one hand and turned to open the refridgerator door but just then the front door swung open and in stepped Gordy. To his surprised the sight of naked Marge holding the biggest cucumber he'd ever seen in her hand was the sight he was presented with. You can imagine the thoughts in his head at this sight. And well, you can imagine her embarressment and his laughter. True story
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Jan 7, 2013