Stupid **** Happens! (otherwise Known As Ssh)!

I used to work for a company that sold tires and wheels as well it had mechanics on hand to perform services related to tires and all things “under the car” repair wise, things like wheel alignments, brakes, shocks, etc. The company was a fairly small business with an average of eighteen employees which included the three owners who worked there full time for the most part. I was the only female employee but they were a very low key group of men and I never experienced any sexual harassment and any sexist banter was always done in a harmless and non-offensive manner. We did however all enjoy teasing each other and if you were to do something stupid or funny it would definitely be pursued as much as possible to squeeze as much humor out of any event that we were “lucky” enough to have occur during the work day. One time an employee named Mark pulled out the cash register drawer out too far and it dropped to the floor. All of the change bounced out of the till and rolled all over the floor, behind the counter and out onto the “showroom” floor so to speak. Mark stood there as the rest of us were hysterically laughing at the scene we were looking at of all the money scattered all over the floor ( and glad we weren’t the one that had done it so we wouldn’t have to chase down all the change that had bounced out in all directions) and to this day I have to say he said one of the best lines anyone could have said under the circumstances. It is one that I still occasionally use whenever it is appropriate. He looked at all of us fellow employees, and some of us were actually his friends as well, and said only three words. Stupid **** happens. We all sort of quit laughing because it was such a perfect thing to say. If he had gone into a cursing fit it wouldn’t have been even close to being so unforgettable but those three calm little words were so appropriate that we all just looked at each other in amazement that he had made such a calm comment For one thing that was not even close to how he normally would react to something like that, he was the kind of guy that could have a cow because someone forgot to bring a customer’s car keys to the counter after pulling it out of the service area to the place that customer’s cars were parked for when they came to pick it up. So to make such a profoundly understated comment like that was so out of character that to this day, twenty five years after this event, I still say “stupid **** happens” when incidents like that one occur. Right after he said the SSH comment he smiled and said “all right, who shortened the cash register drawer?” You need to find humor wherever you can. It makes life so much “funnier”! I know, you probably had to be there:)
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Jan 12, 2013