I Joined Just to Tell This One

I had several doctors' appointments yesterday, and after they were done, I stopped in 1 of the hospital washrooms on the way out.  Just had to go.

From what I heard, there were a few other women in there...not a problem.  One (which I found out after the fact was only one) was having a particularly bad day, and the aroma was there...hanging in the air like invisable fog.  As I shut the door to my stall, I thought, "Get over it dumbass, it is a public bathroom".  I proceeded to my own business as I heard flushes and then the doors of stalls opening.  Although I didn't see the women, I heard them, and they sounded young. 

They were chatting, washing up and loitering around for whatever reason; the main subject of the chatter was, "OMG, that is sooo disgusting!  It's like somebody, you know, like died in here!"  Not a bit of shame, which I thought was a bit off.  After all, it is a public toilet, and the scent of crap is not supposed to resemble anything but the scent of crap.  It's ****, for ****'s sake!  Regardless. 

Then another flush, another opened door...and a tiny, elderly sounding voice.  That voice was commenting to the owners of the 2 younger voices near the sinks...

"I'm very sorry.  The doctors said it would get better after I got used to the chemo, but that hasn't happened yet."  Dead silence after the statement,  the sound of several pairs of feet shuffling to the washroom entrance, and then the whomp of the washroom's main door as it closed.

I finished and left to clean up when I noticed the elderly lady drying her hands.  She was an itty bitty thing...well dressed and coifed.  I smiled when I caught her eye and said, "Sorry to hear about that.  Chemo's not fun for anybody."

She beamed like a lovely grandmother and replied, "Oh, I don't have cancer.  They were just being *******."

You don't become elderly by being stupid.

I'm still giggling today.


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You're 3 for 3 so far! That old lady could have been my mom! Very funny.

Ahahahahahahaha that is just perfect! They totally deserved it too!

That is sooo cute. I luv that story.


hahah Grandma always knows best. :)

That is hilarious! I would have told those little girls to *blank* off... <br />
Great!<br />
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lmfao! Stop--you're giving me ideas. ;-)

Yes, we could get thrown out of the nursing home together! heh heh... :)

Oh you and me both, baby! We can park our souped up wheelchairs next to each other and sip some goood stuff all day. :-)

hahahahahahahahaha! Great story! I want to grow up and be just like her! :D