My Ode To Steven Fry/gadgets

glimpsed your show the other day
all about modern gadgetry
Not that i watched it at all
since giving away my tv
done nothing but have a ball

energy flows where attention goes
and I have none for any TV flow
I need it all for me nowadays
meditation, spirituality, countryside
higher vibration days

and my bro lives close to you too
put 'captain organic' into google
he things gadgets up for a living
though sadly most companies
too greedy, not listening

Mother earth is getting raped
and there is nothing to hate
just take pity on the system
which screws its occupants
out of true harmonic living

News for you she is pissed
But Mother earth can deal with it
she's going to fry every gadget
every hard drive on earth
the forthcoming polar shift

the people who know that she lives
can feel her energy, all of it
are the ones that just won't care
no electric for 18 months
this pain can you really bare?

Its not pain, no problem at all
a billion starving; unfair: Mental
just be far away from london town
its all going to kick off
lead to plenty of frowns

dont panic, not happening yet
year or two, all that can be said
the divines got to have secrets
our mission controls fantastic
angels, even master jesus

in between, moneys going to die
going to mess up many peoples lives
but those who, have a good heart
dont care for money
big balanced kharma credit card

they get to spiritually graduate
to a world where there is no hate
only one piece of advice
I have for you, in this regard
learn to meditate

and if you want to protect your gadgets
you need to make an orgone blanket
emp is going to fry everything
its the level playing field thats
always been in the planning

you may be asking yourself why?
writing this poem have taken the time
your name ended up in my book
to be the subject of a poem
glad you'v taken a look

i wish also to point out that
everything i write are personal facts
tho I'm a cousin of Old Mother Shipton
which gives me insight to
this planets forthcoming attractions

and a happy age of aquarius
though about christmas, entirely bogus
Jesus was born in flaming june
wasn't a cross either
again my own personal truth

peace, love and light

Daz the Druid
41-45, M
Dec 5, 2012