The Gas Mask's Soft Caress

The excitement could hardly be contained as I unpacked it from its military style canvas case. This was my first time to have direct contact with a real Gas Mask. Reaching into the bag, my hand was greeted the cool, smooth resilient feel of soft rubber. That one touch touch transmitted an instant desire to get that Mask out of that bag and on my face.

As I excitedly drew Mask over my head and pulled the straps snug, I was drawn into a sensation beyond anything I had imagined. Before I realized it, the sensual tactile experience began sweep from the face, all across my body. The stimulation from the distinctive smell of the rubber added to the secure feel of isolation the Mask provided from the normal smells of the world. The subtle clicking of the mechanical valves that controlled the gentle whooshing of air only added to the thrill.

Inside my very own Gas Mask for the very first time! WOW! This experience was so much better than I could have anticipated... so much better than these mere words can convey. I simply couldn't bring pull myself away from the erotic embrace of that marvelous Mask.

The next day, it was a distraction from work. I could hardly think of anything else. As soon as I was home, the Gas Mask virtually jumped to my face... my senses awash in it's tactile vibrance.

With the passage of time, I expected the delight of the tender touch of that Mask to fade a bit. That's how it usually goes with an exciting new experience. But it just didn't fade. Though it has been years since that very first touch, each retreat to the sweet interior of my Gas Mask, rewards me anew, as can little else.

What about you? Wouldn't you enjoy the Mask's supple embrace? Go ahead and get yourself your first Gas Mask. As it works its magic rewarding every single nerve ending on your face, it will delight you as the pleasure ripples across your entire psyche. It's time to let the Gas Mask rubber kiss your face. It's an experience you'll not soon forget.

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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

I have 3 gas masks and love to wear them in combination with my rubber suits. I think a lot of guys like rubber gas mask, ever since childhood. The look, smell and feel is terrific. Just need to find a close by gas mask enthusiast !!!!

I too have a special thing for wearing a nice rubber gasmask. I love the smell of the rubber and the fact that it's locked onto me, controlling my breathing and sight is just too amazing. The look and the sounds that it makes just put me over the top!<br />