It's coming today. It's coming by priority mail. A brand new gas mask. I can already sense the touch of the soft fragrant rubber. I can already hear in my excited mind, the whoosh of the air and the clicking of the valves.

The thought of those sounds, and touches is so sexually arousing.

But here's something new. A Nokia amplifier. What exactly will it do? Make my voice clearer? Make the sound of breathing richer? Stay tuned because I'll surely let you know.

A brand new gas mask from Finland of all places. What Fun!

It turns out there is a bonus today. UPS just dropped off my UD Replica Dark Knight motorcycle boots. They look just like the boots Bat Man wears in the movie.These beauties come within 3 inches of the knee in the back and about an inch and a half higher in the front. The new leather smell is extraordinary. I've got them on as I sit behind my desk at work. They are made to go with the Dark Knight leather motorcycle suit I received in April. You can see a picture of my Dark Knight suit as the logo for the I love the smell of leather group. Check it out!

I hadn't counted on having these on my legs as I try my new gas mask due to arrive from the post office later today. I just can't wait for that to get here.

The gas mask arrived just in time for lunch. Instead of empty calories, I drove out into the country and had leather and rubber for lunch. The smell of those boots is dizzying. they are so tall and slender giving a snug and comfortable fit, almost to the knee. The Batman styling looks exactly like the Dark Knight movie. When I popped that gas mask out of the box, I was so pleased that it is larger and much softer than the one I already have. Inside there is a very pliable layer that nestles ever so gently over the nose and mouth. This mask is a big improvement.

The fresh rubber has an enchanting smell that completely overpowered the scent of the new leather boots as soon as it covered my face. I don't know which is more compelling WOW.

The arousal was so great that it had to be satisfied right then and there.

A new gas mask and new boots in the same day. This will not be soon forgotten.

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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

Yes Leather Dark Knight, Perfect. Having you wear your new Dark Knight motorcycle boots with your new rubber gas mask. I think that is all you need to wear, at least at home. On your bike the leather pants would be required. Hopefully you get to smell more and more of your gas mask in the days ahead !!!!