How It Started

I enjoy any breathplay related fetish - I think it came from an early experience of medical anaethesia when I was operated on as a child. I can still remember the sensation of the rubber gasmask being pressed against my face. Then I remember being gently restrained by the nurse as the sweet smelling gas flooded the mask and I floated away to a world of wonderful dreams. It is an enduring memory, Just writing this has given me an erection!
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I to remember having gas at the schooll dentist and vividly recall the rubber mask being placed over my face, together with the rustling movements of the rubber aproned nurses. I believe there was even a type of rubber bib/apron to cover the patient in those long gone days. I hated it the time but the memory has never faded and I am now a true rubber lover although I am not into breath play or anaethesia. Strange isn't it

Thanks for posting this story - I'm sure my love of Rubber, gasmask and breathplay came from a similar dental gassing around 5 /6 years old. I still remember the surgery scene vividly and the gassing together with the dream of flying around town strapped to the dental chair! !

Yes you're so right about the lasting impression - it's been with me for 55 years and still have vivid memories to this day. It brings me wonderful arousal and usually have to get rubber sheath pants on quickly!

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