Gay Guys.

There is just something about gay guys that just turn me on.It is kinda ironic that my fav song is 'Gay Boyfreind' Sadly I am a girl so the possibility of having a gay boyfriend are slim.Exept if it is an online boyfriend*wink,wink*

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Several women I know have excellent gay friends. Some of them have sex with them, and most gay males are usually more sensitive and more perceptive than hetero males. Of course a female having sex with a gay lover should forget her vagina and not expect him to lick her clitoris, but a woman's anus can be as delightful as a man's, although women have heavier, fleshier buttocks that most gays don't find very enjoyable, and they unfortunately smell of **** during sex. Women can also celebrate the penis and balls very well with their mouth and their hands, and they naturally know how to stimulate nipples. A gay man's dream is certainly not to have sex with a female, but within limits a woman can still expect some sexual activity with a gay friend who turns her on.

lol,i dont really get it either.but i still like 'em.

My best friend had a thing for gay guys too! I never understood it though.