The Escort

"I'll be right here," I said with a smile.

"Promise?" he asked, a bit flirtatiously.

The guy was a charmer, no doubt about it.  He'd been seated at my table for several minutes as we talked about his time in California as an escort.  And by "escort" I mean a man hired through an agency by various persons to spend time with them.  This time often included sex, although the agency did not have anything to do with that part of the transaction.

As I looked at his handsome face and listened to his lovely voice, I thought how fun it would be to spend time with him in bed. 

I'd gone to my favourite French bistro today to meet My Favourite Young Woman Director.  We were celebrating her graduation from college, and I was treating her to lunch.  Originally scheduled for 1 pm, I had to push it later because I overslept and didn't get up until 12:30.  So by the time we met, it was well after 2.  We had the joint to ourselves as we began to talk about life, love and sex.  She is a very knowledgeable young woman.  And she was eying J the waiter, noting his physical beauty.  He had a really nice smile and a great bod. 

I'll tell you about the things the director told me later.  That, as Moustache would say, is another story.  J the waiter is my tale to tell.  But not my tail to tell.  For he served as an escort of gentlemen.

After My Favourite Young Woman Director departed for a meeting with her cast, I asked one of the waitresses if they minded if I remained and wrote on my laptop.  She assured me I'd be welcome.  There were over a dozen empty tables, so I wasn't depriving them of revenue.  I plugged in the computer and got to work, tap tap tapping.  I've been inspired lately with a new framework for my first novel, so I've tossed the earlier version and had at the new and improved one, focusing on the three men who occupied my mind most last October. 

J the waiter approached and inquired if I desired anything else.  I assured him I was fine, and explained I was just about to engage in a bit of sex chatting.  He laughed, as all who hear this from me do.  Until he realized I was merely stating fact.  Then it was as though someone had flipped a switch.  He began to share tales of his own experiences, sitting down at the table to talk with me and learn what I was writing.  I decided to learn as much as I could from him, and began to ask some questions. 

What, I wondered, was his favourite escort experience?  I envisioned the story of some fancy hotel, perhaps a trip to the theatre or opera or ballet, and fine dining.  Room service in a lavish suite.  Surely it must be something fancy.  Men always seemed to wish to wine and dine me thusly when they wrote a seduction scene for me.  Truth be told, I am much more content with a light meal, some fun conversation, and some hot monkey loving in a modest accommodation.  I enjoy the finer things in life as well, but the best times I've had with someone have been doing very ordinary things in inexpensive surroundings.  It's the good company that counts, and the sharing that goes on.

He told me that one of his favourite times was with an 89 year old man named Scott whose wife had just died.  Scott had remained faithful to his marriage, but now that his wife was gone, he wanted to experience time with a man before he too passed away.  J said it was really nice just spending time with the older gentleman, listening to his stories, and cuddling with him in bed.  I did not press about the cuddling.  I figured he would tell me what that entailed if he wished me to know.  It warmed my heart to see the smile on this young man's face as he recalled his time making the octogenarian's fondest wish come true.  He told me that many of his clients did not have stories to share.  They were men of action, not words.  There was more than a bit of laughter in his voice.  I laughed.

Then he mentioned that one time he had been stiffed.  I do not think he used that term, though.  He merely said he did not get paid.  He had performed some kind services for the gentleman in question, who then told him he had no money.   J accompanied him to three different ATMs, none of which yielded any funds.  "Lesson learned," he concluded.

He unfolded himself from the chair opposite me, his lithe young frame standing beside me once more.  He spoke of doing a sweep of the bistro, inside and out, to make sure no patron needed anything, but said that he would return soon.  "I'll be right here," I said with a smile.  "Promise?" he asked, a bit flirtatiously.  I smiled back.  "Yep."

I glanced down at my screen only to see the little green silhouette of a video camera beside my dearest buddy's name.  My heart leaped, as it has for the past several months when he's around. 

‪me‬: Guess where I am?
And who I've met?
‪My buddy‬: i've no idea
‪me‬: First...
come here for a smooch
* plants tulips on yours *
‪My buddy‬: now i will press the send button of a kiss
‪me‬: :-)

‪My buddy‬: so, where are you?
‪me‬: At my favourite French bistro
it is wonderful
I am avoiding the pastries
but they have lovely salads
My laptop is out
and the waiter and I got to chatting
I told him of my project
and he sat down at my table
‪My buddy‬: your identity will leak
‪me‬: and began to tell me of his time as a gay escort
I use my nom de plume, darling
and pay cash
‪My buddy‬: LOL

‪me‬: I am a careful woman, my love.

J the waiter saw that I was engrossed in my laptop, smiling at the screen for all the world as if I was together with my one true love in person.  He is a smart young man, and knew not to bother me.  But then it was time for my dearest buddy to go, because I had to get to the cinema.  And I began to pack up my stuff, so J the waiter came over to talk to me again.  He wrote his name and number on a slip of paper, inviting me to accompany him to a night of depraved entertainment featuring a dominatrix in the city a couple of weeks from now.  I'm assuming he meant as friends.  Even if he is bi, he is way too young for me.  It briefly crossed my mind that he was suggesting I hire him for his time.  I hope that wasn't the case.  I do not pay people to be my friend.

I think I shall give him a ring later today to follow up and find out what he is proposing.  I hope he wants to be pals.  I bet he has some amazing stories to share.  I've met all sorts of people in the past because I was warm and welcoming.  Now, ever since my fall down the rabbit hole, I'm getting exposed to a whole new set of experiences and people who did not engage with me.  It's like the sexuality forcefield has been removed.
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You have such a naturally easy way with people, it's evident in your words. I can imagine you making strangers feel very comfortable talking about their life experiences. <br />
I hope you go to the Dom entertainment night, they can bring out quite strong feelings that show our desires and fears.