Wow Mexican Men Are Hot!

I can see beauty in all races but from my personal experiences the best looking, physical attractiveness has been mexican men. Not saying for all but they like big white **** and I don't blame the because I like big latin ****, and even happier if some low hangers where accompanied. I was with a Latin Marine for 6 years. I tell people he must of had a vagina because as I thrusted him he would just ***. So true... He turned me on so much I couldn't last as long as I wanted to. The smell, the noises he made, were all to intense. I would thrust him with my **** for thirty minutes and he would get goose bums and ********* several times. Not like ******* but small amounts at a time that I'd just take and put on my **** for lube. Our sex life was never a problem. He loved sucking me off for hours and I him and then finishing our goal! *** everywhere. We both had big dicks and thats a lot of meat between us. Felt great stroking two huge ***** in one hand! Oh I wish those days would of last forever.
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I always love gay Mexican men in their 20s & 30 I'm looking for a young cute and slim tall and 5"9

Hot! I like those California swaggers type in really tight jeans. So sexy!

I married a gay Mexican bottom man! The sexiest horniest man. He can't get enough ****.

hot story- Mexican guys r hot! I love their thick, tan, uncut *****. and for some reason hairy guys attract me as well

Love uncut

I have a nice hairy uncut **** just for you

hot pics bro- I sure wood love to see your uncut ****.

I love Mexican guys too. I met a young dude in a bar in San Antonio who was so hot and ready for action. He was in town to play soccer. We had sex for a few days before he had to leave. We kept in touch and I went down to meet him in Guadalahara, had a great time. I came home with a sore ***. He had a nice big ****. That was 20 years ago when we were both young.

Hot! Story bro! I'm mexican