There we were.  Myself, and my two boys creeping through the woods.  Not knowing what to expect, our eyses were alert.  Searching the underbrush, and the trees above for something out of place.  We knew we were close.  The marker on the screen in my hand showed us that we were right on top of it.  Or it was on us.  It's so hard to tell which way it will be.
Finally, I took my eyes off the screen.  It had to be here somewhere.  High and low I searched.  My feet not moving at all, but my eyes walking over every stump, hole or tree branch in sight.
Finally a hint.  A glitch in an otherwise perfect sea of forest green.  A rotten stump where none other were.
The boys saw the recognition on my face.  Off they went.  Each one wanting to claim the find.  To be the first to see the spoils of our search and claim first pick from the treasures bounty.
Our reward?  A travelbug and a one armed spiderman.  I gave a coin and a bouncy ball.  Happy with the results of the hunt, we marked the cache off as found, selected a new target, and the hunt began anew.
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wow. this sounds like alot of fun!<br />
research time.

Put one in the Nuthouse! And fun doesn't even begin to describe it. I bet there are a ton by your place.

What fun. I actually had just downloaded an app for this on my tablet last night....then I remembered I don't have 3G. There are tons around here too. Even a couple in this very old cemetery. :-(

Most plans will let you tether to a tablet from your phone as long as you stay within your data plan.
There is a cemetary here that has one. I'm waiting to do it on the perfect dark and foggy night.

Nice story. I, too, love the thrill of the hunt.

As a camper, I have noticed that a lot of the state parks have geocaching programs.

While our park doesn't have an official program, there are 6 that I know of within walking distance of the beach.

Michigan has lots. There some that I cant wait to find. Prohibition Speak Easys, graveyards, some dudes hideout.

Tell about some the other cool treasures you have found!

A mail truck, a coin from Wales destined for the Arctic, and... the cache that cannot be named. For to tell its secrets would dampen its awesomeness.

but the real treasures are where you find them. abandoned cold war bunkers, airplane crash sites, your local coffee shop, every major port in the world, etc.

A one armed Spiderman...awesome!<br />
Geocaching sounds like a great adventure. My older sons were into it for awhile. I want them to teach me the ropes!

Gotta warn you. Its highly addicting.

I think there is room on the list for one more addiction.

Aw that sounds so cool!<br />
<br />
We did this once at uni, as our christmas party... as much as we weren't happy about traipsing around London on the coldest day of the year, we had a really good time. Maybe when I have kids, we'll do the same :D

This summer I'll have lots of time off. The kids and I (I wanted to say me and the kids, but you being a teacher and all..) will be getting as many as we can.

have fun xxxx