What To Look For.

Some caches are right out in the open after you manage your way to climb through the trees and wood, you might find an ammo box like this. Containing a few trinkets and a log book to log your find.

Some caches are not right out in the open like that though. Some are placed near trails and require a better hide. Like this one is under that pile of sticks and wood scraps that look like they fell off the tree.

And some are right out in the open and marked as a cache.  Like this one. The problem here is you have to wade through hip deep muddy creek water to reach that old tree trunk.  

Geocaching is fun, to keep EP from getting upset if I put to many pictures on, I will leave off the ones where they are hidden in hollowed out screws, or thumbnail magnets usually found in city settings.
Happy caching.
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Sound like fun

We had one that was hid behind a tree fungus. That one was tough till the light gleamed off the hanger.