Haven't Been In a While...

With the long, snowy winter that we've had, paired with all of our activities, its been hard to find time to get out and do any geocaching.  But the kids have an early release day at school, so we've decided to grab a few quick caches this afternoon.  Looking forward to spending some time with the kids out and about.

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Thanks, its all about the kiddos with me! <br />
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~Right On~

WOW - Beautifully stated! Especially about your kids smiles being the real treasure.<br />
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Drew...<br />
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Most of the time the treasure is not in the physical things that we exchange, but its the time spent together as a family, the places we go looking for caches, the people we have met at get togethers, etc. We have been to ghost towns, mountaintops, abandoned gold mines, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, hidden swimmin' holes, historic places... I could go on and on there. The treasure is seeing my kids smiles,and look of accomplishment when they find a cache container after a 4 mile hike through a beautiful forest on a perfect summer day. Its just an all around great time! <br />
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As to what we leave behind, usually it is just trinkets, dollar store toys, flashlights, things like that. One of our favorite things to leave are little Johnson & Johnson first aid kits that have a few band aids, some first aid cream, etc.... People seem to love to find those, and they are invaluable if you spend any time in the great outdoors with kids, someone WILL get scratched up and these little kits are perfect to carry in your geo-bag, or your glove box. Best part is they are 98 cents at Walmart! <br />
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I hope that answers some of your questions.... let me know if you have any more. I am an ambassador of geocaching!

Tell me about some of the treasures you find. What have you left that is interesting?

Why, thank you! I like to keep life interesting!

You are one cool and interesting man!

Yes, you can find everything you need to know about letterboxing at www.atlasquest.com or letterboxing.org<br />
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If you are interested in geocaching, you can find that at www.geocaching.com

Its like a higher tech version of letterboxing, using a GPS instead of the hints. Letterboxes are few and far between in this neck of the woods. Wish there were more because it sounds like fun. I have thought about carving us a "5150" stamp for the rare occasion that we are the neighborhood of a letterbox. Do you letterbox?

Its like a high tech treasure hunt. People hide containers then post the GPS coordinates and a description of the hide on the geocaching web site. Then we download the coordinates into our GPS and go out and try to find the thing that they hid. The containers vary in size from about the size of a pencil eraser, with just a log sheet, to a large ammo can that contains toy and other trinkets to trade. We have been geocaching for about 4 years now I think, and it is one of our favorite pastimes. We have been to cities, mountaintops, 1870's gold mines, forests, deserts, etc, etc. It is a lot of fun,plus we get to spend time together outdoors and get a little exercise.