I wish I had someone to do this with! I've only done two in the past with someone who had some gps equipment but I'm afraid my boyfriend will just think it's dumb...maybe I'll introduce it to him soon for us to try!
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The lite app from geocaching . Com is free and shows the closest ones. It doesn't give all the details and hints, but it's good if you don't have a gps. The full app is incredible. Any time you are bored you can turn it on and boom. Caches everywhere.

I'll have to give that a try! I've only been to one recently where I live but someone else gave me the hints and such for it

Yeah it's more understanding I found the free version very complicated

And very limited in the caches it shows.

Yes I noticed that to so have gotten the $10 app jet?

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My husband say I'm a weirdo, bc my son and I just go into random weird places lol his not very supportive but all well I just ignore him.