Most Americans Are So Naive

I'm a naturalized US Citizen. I came here from East Asia when I was 18. I had many odd jobs to support myself and my dream to be a college graduate. Yes I did finish college, even grad school, an MBA in Internationl Business. I got a job in sales because I was in control of my income. Today I work as a Director for Lexus Retail. I didn't want to stop there. I bought a small business called Edible Arrangements so that my wife would not be a typical stay home Aisan wife. She loved it, she worked 6 days a week, 12 hours a day for 2 years straight. Her hard work resulted us owning 3 Edible Arrangements stores & a Juice joint. All of these happened during President Bush's era. Most Muslims I know hate USA, yet they live here & raise their family. Most of these people are like cancer that is eating our country inside out. Their hate is the manifestation of age old Jealousy, lack of knowledge of own religion & evil influence of Islamic politicians who want to see shariah law in the whole world. I wish Americans would travel more, read more & stop taking it for granted for their liberty and freedom. This country was founded on religious freedom by Christians, not Muslims, not Buddists, not Hindus. I love a God loving president Bush. You should too.
Enam937 Enam937
Nov 30, 2012