Wigs Are Super Fun!

I like them short, long, spikey, or bone straight.  I wear them in a variety of colors, some have streaks of red or blonde.  Asymentrical wigs are cool too.   

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6 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I love wigs. they are so easy to do now. There is no point in being all dolled up and not wearing a nice wig.

hey for a night out when it's obvious you want to go wild with a wig - I'm all for the easy... but i think it would make my head hot.... how does it feel?

I've had hair extensions in the past. The cool thing about them is they come in so many textures and styles. I like wigs so much more because they're easy on and easy off.

I've seriously been thinking about hair extensions.... give him 'some strange'.... how fun is that.

Thats the feeling I enjoy as well.

I think wigs are the coolest. I wore one for halloween.. a Sexy Ho ensemble... It felt awesome; like I was another person. I want one to wear out in real life.. something completelly different than me...