I'm Just Saying....

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Hi, nice story. :D lol. Can you tell me where I can get a bigger copy of the group logo? =P hehehe

Oh yeah... Loretta... poor guy... OOOPS! I mean gal.

Al? The wrestler guy? He dropped out in junior year, didn't he? He used to hang out at that nasty gym at the Y out on Old Gick Road....

Alphonse? I don't remember an Alphonse... are you sure he was in our class?

i like you getting behind, it looks great.

Fred? Nooooo.... Fred was the jerk who joined the marines, remember? He shaved his head in senior year and joined the marines cuz Mr. Zeller in Chemistry told him he was gunna fail him if he didn't do better, but Fred heard that Mr. Zeller had been a jarhead in Vietnam, so he joined up and sure enough, he got a C and was able to graduate.

Are you sure? He was the big guy with the dumb smile... andhow, he went on to SCCC and is an HVAC guy and Sandy got the job with Empire Blue Cross, but quit when she got preggers, so he took that extra job and Lowes and the last I heard they were living in an apt outside Ballston Spa, but I haven't seen her in YEARS! What was his name......

Oh, Sandy... me and her went to high school together... she ended up marrying that guy from Albany, remember him? The dude who got tossed off the football team for smoking pot in the woods out by the race track? Anyway, Sandy and I were buds for a while and then.....<br />
<br />
ummmm<br />
<br />
you didn't really want to hear all this, did you.

Lies! sand is dirty!

So far only Pixie has seen a pic of my behind! (sa-Mooooch!)<br />
<br />
That's not dirt, lion... it's good clean sand!

eww it is all dirty!

I wonder how much money TFL made off that bathing suit?!? That sand looks uncomfortable!

LMBO. Thanks for making me smile.

At least a couple of nice behinds on this thread to my perception.

Wouldn't mind getting a little behind Pixie.... *wink*

Look who's talking there, Pixie... nice pic!!!!!

LOL!!!! :-)

or a CUTE one.

Nothing like a little behind!

heh heh... mtvlm said... BEHIND

LOL!!!! Not too far behind....

What? A catch? Huh?????<br />
<br />
(LMAO! -- appropriately!)

ROFLMBO! I should have known, coming from you, there was gonna be a catch to this group and title! Too funny! :D