***** Or Bum?

i do love to be ****** the "regular way" but my bum needs attention too --- i get it all cleaned out, fresh, hot and so wet then having aguy or another gal with a ******* deep in it issuch a wouderful sexy feeling --- they are in total control and makes me feel that i am giving them total pleasure --- that is what i was made for -
betty4u betty4u
8 Responses May 17, 2012

You sound deliciously hot my dear !! Would love to lick both of your hot little holes and then pleasure them with my hard ****!!

I love your style............ ;-))

Beautiful...******* a sweet-smelling, nicely rinsed rectum, your penis greased with some rasperry-scented lubricant mixing with the natural vanilla scent of your lover's *** and the soursweet smell of your spurts of *****....heaven on earth

Too cool...it is pleasure we are all after

good girl - love your attitude

Where have you been hiding all my life? My kinda gal. .. Likes guys , but also enjoys other women ... My heart be still ..<br />
Have you ever watched Rissoli sp? and Isles .. ? I would love to see the two of them in a girl/ girl scene .. pleasuring each other the way only two women know how ... Such a turn on you women... Cheers...

Too cute honey....you know

Would just love to service your back door honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!