My Boyfriend

I have met the most wonderful man and we are very much in love, I am transgender and live blissfully as a woman full time now, but Joey promises to make a real woman of me,  he says he will be gentle with the first time but I want him to give me rough sex, always and often.  I even want him to take me forcibly and rape me until I beg him to stop, but the only thing I will be begging him for is more, more, more. We haven't met in person but we chat every day and he calls me at night.  I plan to visit him in Toronto next spring and live with him for a week or more to get to know each other intimately.  Eventually I will move there to be with him forever
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

i bth wish u all d best 4 ur future...after reading ur comments i feel as if ur both a very cute couple.... :)

I love you honey. I will not let you down baby. Love always Joseph

I know you will lover, and I look forward to being at your side forever

I you baby I want you in my life

you do already, I belong to you now, body and soul