I love erotic stories and dirty messages
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I write gay ****,actually,though only for myself and friends who ask to see them. If we DO become friends I will gladly email some to you.

Message me ;)

I, too love getting dirty, sexy messages. Would love to get messages from you, here on EP message board.

It was late when she came in from work, slipping her shoes of she enters the kitchen to make a hot drink... She rubbed her neck as she waited for the kettle to boil, dreaming of a hot bath and early night... nSuddenly she was grabbed from behind her shirt lifted swiftly over her head backwards trapping her arms so she could not move... nHer assailant pushed his hand down the front of her panties, feeling the warm wetness great his fingers, his breathing got heavy... She was totally shaven, her ***** soft and smooth, her juice made his hand slip up and down her lips easily.. He herd her soft pur as he rammed his fingers deeper into her *****....Her legs went weak and she folded in the middle and use the counter top for support, it was to much as his hardness popped out of his trousers, pulling his hard load out he pulled her panties to one side side and slid into her warm wet slit, she felt the thickness of his member, and she moved back and forth hungrily trying to take his full length... He banged her so hard her hip bone bashed painfully against the counter top... He was relentless driving harder and harder into her wetness... Fumbling under her shirt he twisted her nipples hard between his finger tips, driving her into the most intense ****** she had had in years... He continued to drive his hard clock into her, finally pulling out and sliding his **** up through her arse cheeks and letting his red hot love juice spirt up her back.... nBreathless she felt him let her go, her heart pounding her ***** wet and still pulsating from the continuing ******...He pulled the shirt back over her head, kissed her softly on the nose and said...

"so , was this the kind of date night you had in mind? Was it spicy enough for you? "

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