Erotic Tension And Going Too Far

Hickies to me hold the essence of eroticism. There's a mixture of pleasure and pain, fighting with giving in to your base desires, and then living with the consequences of whatever decision you made under passion, in the cold light of day and amongst your peers. A real metaphor for sex and all its consequences and links to relationships. I truly love receiving them, giving in and going limp and letting them happen, forgetting the consequences for the rewards of the moment. If only there were more moments where I could just give in - but - then perhaps they wouldn't be as exciting as they are?
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15 Responses Jul 12, 2010

it's exactly the way I feel... pain and pleasure... and explosive mix so much and so often undervaluated!

You were the one who whipped off the nappy... entirely your fault!


lol<br />
<br />
as long as it's not on the side of my neck... I can think of better places ;)

*whips of nappy* and *grins*

That makes so much sense. Why didn't I think of that??

So that's what all those pee and poop stories are really about!!!!! They are just people marking their territory on their partner/s....LOL!!!

Very territorial really Isshe - and for some strange reason my skin seems to be your territory!

: P.....two of them....way too high for your collar to know how I get when I know you have a big meeting the next day......hungry for blood......

*wanders around with dark marks on neck*

soft kisses starting from the collarbone...

relaxes, tilts head, closes eyes...

inches in closer...looking intensely at his neck...

Only half a smile Isshe?

Half smile...