New White Clothes

I discovered I like getting muddy a few days ago. I was wearing my new white jeans and a pink blouse. I was leaving a friend's house and it was quicker to cut through the woods behind her house. As I was walking, I tripped over something and fell on my knees. When I got up, I saw large mud stains on each of my knees. I thought I would be upset, but I actually liked it. I ran home quickly and changed my top. I put on a new white blouse and went back to the mud. It was so soft, thick and sloppy. I knelt down in the mud and smeared mud up my thighs. Then I sat down on my butt and played with the mud in my hands. It felt nice, I had never been muddy before but I was always curious. I wiped my muddy hands off across my chest, I could feel myself getting wet and my nipples became erect. I rubbed more mud all over my chest and down the front of my new white blouse, then looked down at my clothes. I liked the contrast of the dark mud on my once pristine white blouse. I decided I needed to cover my whole outfit with mud so I layed down on my back and rubbed my back into the ground. When I sat up, I realized that part of my front was still clean. I layed on my stomach and slid around in the mud. I was so wet. I sat up and rubbed in between my legs, not even caring that I was grinding the mud into my pants and it might stain. I rubbed my boobs and played with my nipples with the other hand, it felt so good. I kept rubbing for a while and I soon squirted in my pants. It felt amazing. I got up and looked down at my clothes, they were now completely covered in thick, dark mud. And that's when I realized my once pristine white outfit was probably ruined. I went home to wash my clothes and after a few washes, my clothes were bright white again. I'm wearing the blouse right now and whenever I wear either the blouse or the jeans, I remember how dirty I got them. Especially the dark brown stains on my chest and crotch from rubbing so much, that took a few washes to get out. It makes me want to do it again ;)
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I don't want to be disrespectful, but that sentuating description almost sent me over the edge. Again I apologize for any misappropriation, it just excited me. This kind of thing makes people call me a pervert, but I wouldn't do something like that, I'm a good natured man and mean no harm, you know?

If that makes you a pervert, then there are millions of us. Check out this forum

you just made me ********* in my pants. I wish I was there loving every minute with you. We'd rub each other's pants until we both squirted in our jeans..... very sexy :)