His Pleasure

I love it when a man uses me for his pleasure. Ties me up and pounds my *** so hard I'll feel it for a week and then flips me over and pounds my ***** while stretching, pulling and biting on my nipples. Once he **** there, he leaves me tied up for awhile, putting either clamps or clothes pins on my nipples and ***** lips, remninding me that he isnt done yet. Before he leaves the room he blindfolds and gags me just to add to the sensations.

I lay there for what seems likes hours, amd maybe it is. I feel the soreness of my ***** and ***. I feel his *** slowly leaking out of me. I know him, has has a lot of stamina, the night is far from over. I hear nothing and then all of a sudden I'm struck on my ***** by a whip......and it starts again. In the coming hours he will **** my mouth going deep down my throat and I will have my ****, ***** and *** repeatedly whipped. He fist ***** my ***** for what seems like an hour. Its in quite a lot of pain but Im ******* like a racehorse. He knows just how to push my buttons and when. It's been hours and hours this has gone on.....I'm exhausted. I ask him if I can be released to go to the bathroom, I really need to pee. He reponds with I can pee when he gives his permission. And then I hear nothing else.....has he left? Is he still in the room?

I'm sore, sweaty, exhausted and waiting..............
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Your holes are made to please a mans **** how ever he wishes. Good thing you know it

Have you been a good **** slave to your master? Do you take pride in being purely used like an object of pleasure, dominated whole?