My Holes Are There To Be Abused By Others...

Abused by, and for the pleasure of others. Sadly, being a male, I only have the two holes they can abuse, my mouth and my ***, or my boy-*****, or just ****, or *****, as I call it.
I self abuse my **** a lot too, with oversized anal toys, ******, large but plugs, anything else I find in the house that looks a big and interesting size/shape to slide in.
I regularly use a ***** on myself once, or twice during the day, often wearing a butt plug in my hole whilst not using the *****; often I'll use a vibrator or ***** before I go to bed, and sometimes I wear a butt plug through the night.
I adore anal sex, and being taken forcibly, and as often as I can arrnage it, plus being fingered; I've not yet worked up to, or found anyone who wants to fist my boy-****, but I hope to in time.
Over the years I've stretched my *****, and don't seem to have any trubble up to about 3 inch diameter, and sometimes can take larger too, if I've been having a lot of dildoing recently; keeping it regularly stretched is something I love; not least as I r frequently get anal leakage now, which is nice, just feeling it sliding out of my hole and into my knickers/panties.

When it comes to my mouth, Its just designed to take ****, lots of ****, and as often as I can/have the oppertunity.
I adore it as I choke and splutter on his giant ****, as it rams into me, for his pleasure, gagging me, and suffocating me with ****, as I drool all over it, sucking and licking the length... I'm really lucky now, as my fiance to be loves my mouth, and using it for his pleasure and his ****; he likes it rough as he's got a cut ****, and so he always face-***** me hard, knowing how much I adore choking, and that bit of fear as his **** cuts off my air supply, and totally fills me up...
He likes ******* my **** too of course; but prefers to *** in my mouth mainly, rather than in my boy-*****; often he'll **** my ***** for a good long while, then take his **** out, and start face-******* me, giving me the added pleasure of tasting my anus on his hard **** as it starts abusing my mouth...
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Only two holes? Not really, what about your pee hole? that can be stretched and abused well too without fear of becomming incontinent, unless you go all the way into your bladder. Look for urethral sounds or sounding, also here, you'll find lots

Ahhh, yesm, I have heard of that... but, I dunno, it just hasn't ever really appealed to me... no idea why, but maybe just something that isn't relaly for me... Perhaps I should try it one day, but curiosity hasn't taken me into that* direction... yet!
Oh, and thanks for commenting... I do sometimes have a distinct longing, to have a third* hole... just above my ****... yeh, a real* *****/****... In some ways maybe I should have really been born female, though now, I'd find it too hard, weird, and just sort of wrong, to ever really contemplate going for a entire and complete sex change... well, anyhow, I seem to manage white well with my two holes, and retaining my little ****... I'd kinda be lost without him, in many ways... but having a real* ****, that would be kinda very extremely cool...

Oh, yes, I already do some exercises for back there; just to ensure I've nice control over the muscle[s], ; Its gorgeous to see the expression on a guys face, when they've entered my hole, so easily, and they're thinking I'm 'loose' back there; when I tighten up, and grip their ****, so they can't move it in or out... I probably need to do them more often though, I can only manage to 'grip' like that for a few seconds at a time... I've not gotten up to anything massively big, in terms of ****** or plugs; I'm enjoying gradually moving up in size though, as that is part of the fun, and I'm not exactly in any particular hurrey to get up to a certain size plug or ***** yet... This year I'll probably move up from the 2.2 or 2.5 inch diameter plugs (as my normal everyday size), to 3 inch diameter, or a bit more, I guess once I'm comfetable with something about 4 inch diameter, and can still exercise and use my muscles 'back there', then I'll be ready for *******, without too much risk of the ******* doing anything wildly damaging to my hole... I mean, well I enjoy my hole so much it'd be a shame to ruin it forever.... just yet...

We've not really discussed him ******* me yet; Though I fully expect we will in time; at the moment I don't think my boy-**** is quite stretched enough to take his fist without causing somewhat too much damage to my hole; I still want it to be able to be ****** by his, and other's ***** afterall... He's watched me being ****** by other guys, and watched me suck a lot of other guys *****, and we try to do a lot of ********** and group sex... He ****** me today, really hard, was one of the first times we've had sex since I got back in the new year, so we're very lustful and he's even more violent and agresive with me than useual; which I love... Can't wait for my bruises from today to really develop, a constant reminder of how he abused by mouth and ***** just a few hours ago earlier on today... His *** is still dripping out of my hole as I sit here... into my panties..

You can do excercises to keep it all tight... I'm not sure you want to though

Does your Fiance have no interest in ******* you? Does he want to watch someone else fist you?